How It Works

Long Hammock Wireless is a company that is working to reach all rural residential and business Internet users that want or need high speed Internet access in Sumter County, Florida and adjoining counties.

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The Internet where you are

If you live or work in this area and are either frustrated with your current Internet service provider, or do not have high speed Internet access, we want to hear from you! High speed internet access is delivered to your address through the air. A subscriber module (SM) is installed at your address, and pointed at one of our access points. Once the SM is activated, you enjoy high speed internet access that's always on, instantly available.

In areas where DSL, Cable, Satellite and Fiber internet are not available fixed wireless internet may be your only option. Fixed wireless internet is best described as internet access through radio waves instead of through a phone line, cable line or from a satellite in space.

Being that satellite internet and fixed wireless internet do not use cables, it's easy to confuse the two. The major similarities between the two are they both require a receiving dish or antenna. The major differences between the two are reliability, latency, data caps and cost.

Usually, fixed wireless internet is more reliable than satellite internet due to the fact that bad weather does not affect your internet connection like that of satellite internet. When is comes to latency, fixed wireless internet tends to be superior to that of satellite internet due to a much shorter distance between where the signal is being distributed and where it is being received. When it comes to data-caps and price, fixed wireless is still superior. Typically, fixed wireless internet does not have data caps and cost less per month.