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In search of high speed Internet where you live? Ready to experience real speed with a dependable connection? We have the solution you need.

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Enjoy the Advantages of Wireless Internet

Long Hammock Wireless has the always-on, always-connected, high speed Internet service for you. With wireless Internet, set-up is easy and fast. You never have to worry about wires, cables or satellite dishes. Service is delivered over radio waves from a tower in your community. And we always ensure that our customers are protected by the high tech security measures we have put in place!

There are so many advantages to wireless Internet. Here are just a few of the perks you will love.

  • The speed you get for both uploads and downloads mean that you can do absolutely everything you want to do online.
  • The reliability that comes from a wireless Internet service that is not vulnerable to weather.Satellite Internet tends to have regular interruptions due to storms, but fixed wireless towers are on the ground and their signals travel a shorter distance, so there is minimal interruption from bad weather.
  • With wireless Internet, you can enjoy unlimited data. With satellite service, plans are required to have data caps, but the federal government does not impose the same restriction on wireless Internet providers.
  • There is practically no latency with wireless Internet, giving you even more freedom to do more online, with fewer problems. Applications that require responsiveness like real-time online game playing are not a good fit for slower satellite Internet, but wireless Internet delivers the speed and responsiveness you need.